* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Last weekend, I went to this place alone and enjoyed the lanterns. My husband said, "Let's go there at night!", but we had no chance since then. I imagine that it must be beautiful at night with many lights. As my 5y/o daughter likes Rapunzel much, she must like there as well. https://t.co/os06hSVIJW

27 August 2022 06:03

#DWE のLimeGreenの歌を練習してた5歳娘、無事PASSしてました! 今回は珍しくかっこいい曲(The Lion Tamer)をチョイスしたんだけど、音程が低すぎて声が出ない問題。一オクターブ高くすると今度は高すぎて声が出ないところが。 頑張って低い声を出す練習をして、ようやく歌えるようになりました😊 https://t.co/CLfd0cOpyu

27 August 2022 06:16

英語の歌詞より、低い声を出す練習のほうが頑張ったかもしれん。 親ばかだけど長女、高い声で小鳥が囁いてるみたいな喋り方で可愛いんよ…。(もちろん怒ってるときは別)

27 August 2022 06:18