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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.

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Today was Cloudy, but I took a walk around my house with my daughter, and enjoy the cherry blossoms. Because taking photos of cherry blossoms in cloudy day is ver difficult, so there was few photo looks good. But it's happy that my daughte…


The new era name will be announced 1st April in Japan. I heard that "安", "久", "永", "栄" are the major candidates. I expect new era becomes "永安". How do you think? 30 March 2019 02:42


Good morning world! It's 5:30 AM in Japan. I'm succeeded in wake-up this time! I'll study security from now🤓 29 March 2019 05:33


This is my account for studying English & collecting information about US or other country. Feel free to follow me! TOEIC: around 700 (want to be over 850) Interests: English/US/ Child/baby/ Travel/Orchestra/ Security/DevOps Japanese accou…