* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


I participated in the preparation of the summer festival at the nursery. We made 200 water yo-yo balloons. At last, my left hand had a bruise, but I didn't notice at that time, because the event was so fun My trouser was soaked, but dried …


This is our cupboard, where we stock sweets. My eldest daughter hid behind the door and said, "Hee-hee, I can eat all the sweets I want!!!!". How clever you are!!!!!🙃


My 5yo daughter made this pizza at her nursery. They were added to our "kitchen toys" box as a pizza toy🍕 We appreciate to the nursery so much for doing this kind of craft activity.


Our recent small garden. There are mini tomatoes on the branch!! Every day, my 7yo daughter checks the color and tries to figure out the right timing for harvesting. I hope she doesn't forget to water them...


Yesterday, we had this mussel shell plate, which my mother bought and sent us in a freezing pack. My 7yo daughter likes mussels very much. And more, she is learning the "Swimmy" story in school, and there is the expression "as black as a m…


We went to a summer festival at a University, where my husband is working now. My daughters enjoyed the stalls, especially the game & its prizes After we enjoyed the daytime festival, we enjoyed also the fireworks! That was the first time …


Our second 5yo daughter got this new bicycle as her birthday gift! She chose the color, and she was very happy to ride it. She had been already very good at riding without stabilizers, so she enjoyed riding her new bicycle by herself. Happy…


My second daughter showed her work to her little sister. It seems that the baby watched that carefully, so the second daughter was very happy😊 The baby is over 1 month, and maybe can see some near things.


Our garden's first harvest of this summer! We ate this cucumber as a raw salad. It was creamy, juicy, and tasty😋 Our 7yo daughter is responsible for watering & harvesting the vegetables. Good job👍


We found a big bug at the blueberry farm. My eldest daughter ran away from it, but my second daughter wanted to see & catch it. My husband tried to catch it, but it flew away. I can't believe the people who touch it...!!!! It was almost 5~…


Yesterday, we bought the Edamame with the branch. My daughters helped my husband by separating the beanstalk from the branches. Children like this kind of chores☺️ Of course, they like to eat them as well, so the Edamame disappeared at once🤭


At the berry park we visited last weekend, there were also bee hives and they harvest honey! We bought one bottle of honey, and they gave us another small bottle as a gift🍯 My daughters were interested, but also scared of the bees.🐝


We went to the berry garden, where we can pick & eat the blueberries! Of course, our daughters enjoyed them very much, and the blueberries were sooooooo yummy😋 We had also blueberry pie and smoothie using the fresh berries 🫐


Our Yakitori dinner! The chickens were sold with the skewers, so we just need to grill them! That was super easy, but the children liked them so much. I believe that this is one of the greatest menu for parents🤭


My 5yo daughter drew this picture at her nursery. There are her father, mother, and the baby! How precious✨ Of course, we displayed this picture on our home wall😉 I hope that she accepted the new family!