* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


A few days ago, my elder daughter became seven years old! She was given Elsa'a dress (Frozen 2, it's her strong wish), wore it, and made poses again and again. She extremely delighted with this gift, and her little sister was also given An…


We tried to make "Otsukimi-dango" (moon-viewing dumpling), yesterday. It was the "Beautiful Moon in Autumn" day in Japan, and we used to eat rice dumplings on that day while viewing the beautiful full moon. As you can see, the kitchen was …


My husband made this SL with KAPLA! To tell the truth, my husband is the most player of the KAPLA in our family😁 My second daughter still likes to destroy them🤭


I bought this Karuta after I saw my X-follower's post. It's very nice! And good for my daughters to feel seasons. This Karuta states 24 seasons with picture card and descriptions. I love the picture's taste.


My daughters drew the Ginyanma, so did I. This is my drawing😉 I couldn't help drawing it because its color was soooooo beautiful. My elder daughter also write the diary with picture and brought it to the school.


We found this big dragonfly at the park, yesterday! It was almost dying, eaten by ants. My daughters tried to save it and brought it to our house. We search the name of the dragonfly at the library (because it's very near from the park) an…


I made this lyric book of Frozen 1&2 for my 6yo daughter. She is addicted in singing Frozen songs these days. Because I bought Frozen songs CDs and we usually listening them in our car and house, she can sing even not famous ones🤭


We saw this golden stag beetle at Kawa-Sui. It had held the beetles & stag beetles special exhibition. Since my younger daughter loves bugs, and we caught real beetle this summer, they were very interested in that exhibition. It also expla…


About Kawa-Sui aquarium, again. We ate "Namazu"(catfish) barger and fish&chips. Since my daughters love fish&chips, they also liked Catfish one. It was the first time even for me to eat catfish, but it tasted almost same as other fish. We …


At Kawa-Sui aquarium, we met the sloth in very short distance!!!! It's forebidden to touch them, but we could see them for a while in only 1m distance. Their clow was soooo sharp and long. In English movies/songs/books, we see about sloth …


We went to "Kawasui" that is an aquarium near Kawasaki-station, and displays only River creatures. It was our first time to go there, so we enjoyed very much. I didn't know the concept of this aquarium, so we expected to see jellyfish or s…


My husband bought this large Shiitake mushroom at Gunma prefecture, last weekday. My 4yo daughter calls its stem as "mushroom finger", and she doesn't want to eat it. Look! They were soooooo juicy and tasty. My daughters like to eat them (…


We went to the park, and found a lot of bugs. But we realized that there was no cicada sounds. Instead of cicadas, we found a huge mass of ants. Why were they in line? And why so many ants were on the ground?? We found no clue about it.


Our (maybe) last watermelon for this season. As you can see, my daughters, eat them until it turns white!!! Since this watermelon was the species that we can eat even seeds, only green & white peel remained.


My elder daughter began to go swimming lessons from this summer. Because I'm not god at swimming, it was helpful for me. I was not so enthusiastic about swimming lesson, but I heard that the primary schools don't teach how to swim so much …