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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.

Entries from 2024-06-01 to 1 month


I like this shop! It's not at my nearest station, but sometimes I have an opportunity to go to this mall. My favorite goods are the rare animal goods, such as Kiwi, Shoebill, Long-tailed Tit, Sea Slug, and so on. I want to buy one, but I w…


We also planted eggplant this summer. It had 4~5 flowers, but in this heavy rain, 3 of the flowers were fallen🥲 I hope we can harvest at least one fruit. I'm going to cook that eggplant as raw, Japanese pickled vegetables.


My cooking style... (Non-alcohol beer & shrimp snack) Sometimes, my daughters find the snack and I give them some...😂 But I believe I'm much better at eating snacks secretly than my husband👍


My second daughter likes puzzles, blocks, and creative activities. This time, she made these ships, airplane, and chair(?) by herself. Sometimes I am amazed by her ability to concentrate, and make this kind of many same things!


My eldest daughter had an event of potato digging last week. She brought back 7~8 of potatoes that she dug up. They were so muddy, so we washed the potatoes in our garden. I made the "Nikujaga" which is a Japanese traditional dish with pot…


Since my second daughter has a fever and cough, she has been staying at our house for 2 weeks...! Today, she created a guitar from a box and rubber band with me☺️ That was super easy, but she liked this activity and playing the guitar the …


That night, my elder daughter read the Frog book... upside down It's very happy for me that she started reading by herself, and likes to read English books, not only fiction but also science books. But these days, she doesn't have enough t…


We are growing vegetables this summer as in past years. My eldest daughter is in charge of watering them, but sometimes she forgets. There are small tomatoes, cucumbers, okras, and small watermelons. Needless to say, my daughters looking f…


We celebrated our second daughter's birthday last weekend. Because she had a fever for 1 week, we continued planning the schedule of the birthday party. We bought the cake for each, and she chose the standard strawberry cake Happy birthday…


She was reading a "rainforest" book and found a sloth, that is one of her favorite animals. We saw real sloths at Kawasui (the aquarium near Kawasaki station), so she recalled that place. I hope we can go there this summer as well, with 5 …


My mother, the grandmother of my children, has been back to her home this morning. My 4yo daughter wrote this letter for her grandma. It says "Thank you for playing with me. Please practice AGO (Card game) more!", because her grandma could…


Our baby became two weeks old yesterday. The posture of sleeping recalls her elder sisters' baby age☺️ We think this girl is our last baby, so everything is the last chance to see & feel about the baby.


I went to a ¥100 shop, DAISO, yesterday. I found the special corner about Tink!!! I bought all of the goods they were selling in that corner. Each product costs not ¥110, but ¥330, however, these are still very cheap & cute🥰


My second daughter likes to pick up the wildflowers. These are the tough, long-lasting flowers we picked up before. We also picked the white one as well. We enjoy the wildflowers with these small vases🥰


My 1st & 2nd daughters and my husband went to the "National Museum of Nature and Science" with my mother. The museum held the special exhibition about mammals. They were enjoyed the exhibition, and brought me the thick book souvenir❤️


My eldest daughter read the English book for her younger sisters She wants our baby to hear her reading as well. Because if her younger daughters graduate from #DWE program, we can go TDL or TDS again, so she is on the roll to educate them…


This is the special dinner for our new baby & my discharge from hospital With my parents, who came from Hiroshima, we enjoyed this dinner with 7 people. The meals served at the hospital was very good, but the dinner with my family was espe…