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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.

Entries from 2023-11-01 to 1 month


Last weekend's our lunch! we bought the pizza at price of ¥650 for each. And added fresh tomatoes and mushrooms. They are very tasty and voluminous, so we were full!


We arranged and decorated the Christmas tree! This time, our daughters decorated 100%🥰 We are looking forward to buy the new ornament for this year, and wondering where to go. If you know the good place to buy one near Yokohama, please tell…


My husband brought this "patissier" kit back to home. We tried to make cream puff!! It was the first time for us all, and of course we all enjoyed making cream puff! (only we have to do is fill the cream inside the buns)


At the zoo, there are many touchable exhibitions returned! My daughters enjoyed to touch them, compare the size, or feel the tactile sense. They were looking forward to touching also the real porcupine hair, which are very hard, and they d…


I made pack-lunch for the zoo, yesterday morning. Usually, I make Onigiri with sprinkling in the marketplace, but that time, I made them from materials. Green ones are made of salted komb and daikon radish leaves, and brown ones are made o…


After we started to watch Disney+ contents, I recommended my daughters "Tinkerbell" stories. They are now addicted in Tink's stories. For this occasion, I already bought Tinkerbell's (Disney fairies) books! Unfortunately, I have only 3 boo…


That is the old photo taken in this summer. At Kawa-sui, an aquarium near Kawasaki station, we saw this Chameleon eating cricket (maybe). That was very lucky for us to get the chance, and it was super fun!!!!!


We went to Atami as well. The hotel has "footbath" in the middle of its building. We can see the carps swimming in the footbath. In the bath, there were many stones for press our foot pressure points. It was fun!!!!


I found it in the supermarket! Super yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!!! Sorry for my family, but it's for only me!😎


We got on a boat, and saw under the sea for a while. There were many fish and seaweed, the children enjoyed it sooooo much. After seeing them, we went to the top of the boat, and saw the seagulls and eagles.


It's been a long time! We had many events, like nursery & school field day, BBQ with another families, Halloween event, and so on. This time, we went to the Hakone spring trip with our relatives. We enjoyed the spring, hotel, boat, and cha…