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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.

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My elder daughter is trying to pass the pre-graduation exam of #DWE . She didn't like the last story of this text, (Book12), because it had been a little bit scary for her for 3 years. But now, she is OK to see the DVD and reading books. S…


We went to the large park today. It was very hot day, but we enjoyed so much! Here was a big stump in the park, and there are full of bugs, fishes, and nature things! We enjoyed also packed lunch here. We felt cool breath of the wind. It w…


TwitterAPI Specification has changed, so I'm trying arrange the program. It's the test post.


We ate the cheese cake which my husband bought for souvenir. Look...! My 3yo daughter ate it from top cover...‍♀️ But it's very cute... Haha! My daughters said they want to eat more, and today is my younger daughter's birthday! I'll buy so…


She is making her "house" with this cardboard🏠 She also made a key for this house, and gave it to her little sister🥰 Now, when she feel sad, she goes into this house. https://t.co/dcHy3fmlJl 02 June 2023 17:44


We ate this yellow watermelon! My husband bought this whole watermelon, and he didn't notice it's the yellow one. How can we distinguish the internal color of the whole watermelon? Anyway, we enjoyed it, and it was very sweet regardless of…