* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.

Entries from 2024-01-01 to 1 year


Yesterday, we went to the natural park nearby. My younger daughter collected many fallen flowers, and brought all for me🥰 Some of the flowers are for winter, but spring flowers were also blooming. How cute🌸


My husband cooked this dinner! My daughters became like these plates, and ate them very quickly. The highlights of these plate were, burdock tempra and chunked meet steak. they were new for us, but marvelously delicious!😋


My younger daughter was sitting on her daddy's back, and reading Japanese letters (Hiragana). She liked that style for her study, so he kept his posture for a while for his daughter😁


One of my favorite thing is, find my daughters' tangled hair in the morning I can't understand what was happened at night, but I certainly combed through her hair before sleepeng... After that, she had her hair cut, and it turns very beaut…


My husband won the bingo prize at his party✌️ That was huge strawberries, and sooooooooo sweeeeeeeet🥰🥰🥰🥰 I wasn't very happy about his absence at home for a whole 1day on holiday (because the party was very far!), but now, I can call it even😁


I bought these fried egg molds! Since our pan was too small, it was very difficult to align them all flat, but I managed to make them. they were a total of 330 yen! One problem was, that they are very difficult to wash...😂


I baked these chocolate cookies with my 7yo daughter. It was very difficult to use the dinosaur-shaped molds because their shapes are so complex. But finally, we did it! And ate them with my family😋 Of course, they were great👍


I saw a Japanese nightingale at a cherry blossom tree with my 4yo daughter. It pecked the cherry blossoms, so my daughter said "Oh, don't! It's not good."🤭 It was a very warm day, like Spring.


After this activity, my younger daughter dropped one foot in the pond... It was a cold day, and no alternative shoes or socks we had. So my husband held her all the way to our car. We supposed that it was already safe for her, but she was …


Look... Here is the rice-eating-monster...!🤭 She tried to eat all grains of rice, and after finished eating, she started to cry...!! She wanted to eat more!!!!! Unbelievable! She already had eaten twice cup of rice as my husband🍚


Yes, they are pretending to be a Queen & Princess (or, double Queens), as usual. But... why Ana has a stethoscope??? MY elder daughter is already 7yo, but she still loves Disney Princesses, especially Elsa. I hope it lasts for more 3~4 yea…


I baked "Chigiri-pan", which means bread that you can break off into pieces, with our rice-pot. I missed to open the lid the baking part, so it was relatively wet, but freshly baked bread was awesome. My daughters needs another pieces. Wha…


We saw some plum blossoms blowing. My daughters enjoyed collecting the dropped flowers and buds. Fortunately, there were some low branches, so they tried to smell the flowers, but they said, "Smells nothing!".


We went to the zoo as usual weekend, yesterday. There was still some snow remaining, and my daughters were very pleased to play with the snow! Also, as usual, the main activity at the zoo was not seeing animals, but running & playing at th…


We found these yellow cauliflowers at the supermarket. We used them as white stew😋 My 4yo daughter said, "What a lovely stew❤️" and of course, she ate the cauliflower at last😁 It was sweet and full of flavor😋


We made "Okonomi-yaki". It was her fist time to use "adult" kitchen knife for my elder daughter, so she was very nerves at that time. However, they were satisfied with their Okonomi-yaki, and gulped them soooo quickly😋


Recently, my 7yo daughter is addicted in reading flip-flap easy illustrated encyclopedia, which are about dinosaurs, animals, foods, bodies, and so on. She says "I want to learn many thing from these books!" ... Unbelievable! What made her…


Usually, our breakfasts are made by my husband. But these several days, he went to his office very early, so I made them. Since my husband doesn't like baked tomatoes, I usually make baked tomatoes during his absence. Hmm, it's super nice …


My younger daughter did the #DWE Activity, SBS recently. Here is a girl's face she draw. I thought these activity was a little bit difficult for 3yo, but now, she is 4yo and enjoys them👍


We borrow these "The Magic School Bus" series books from the nearest library!!! I didn't expect that it would have this series!!! As I expected, my elder daughter likes them, so we started to read them. I searched to buy this book series, …


I cooked this Yakisoba with salt-lemon flavor last weekend. Because there is not my husband, then I expect the remains will be my lunch❤️ (The picture is the first remains) But, surprisingly, my elder daughter ate almost all of them as her…


I found that strange drink on the vending machine! I knew about Oshiruko, but it was my first time seeing the crab porridge ... I wanted to try it once, but I was not brave enough at that time... Next time, I'll try! (I also want to try th…


I made mask hooks for wearing over a ponytail last weekend. During my daughter's flu, she tried to wear a mask all day so as not to infect flu to other family members. But soon, she had earache due to the mask string. She said it helps to …


We made pancake on last weekend, because I really wanted to eat pancake with whipped cream & anko!!! So, we bought anko in advance🤭 My daughters welcomed to help making them, and they decorated them by themselves. Needless to say, they were…


We went to the large park, yesterday. My daughters rode the bicycles, and my husband chased them running😁 Because one of his this year's goals is, to be slim! Our 4yo daughter went so quickly, so he must lost his weight🤭


We went to the zoo, as usual weekend. And also I made rice balls for our lunch, as usual🤭 My daughters really like this Japanese white radish's leaf & salted kombu rice balls, so they ate many🍙


We held "Temaki Sushi", a Hand-rolled Sushi party this week! We ate toooooo much, also my daughters, but we were all satisfied😋 We found that our daughters don't need so much raw fish, only cucumbers and eggs are enough for them🤭


One of my mom-friends... no, our family-friend gave us these the special Disney books & CDs!!!!!! Since our daughters love Disney stories (maybe as you know), and it includes Frozen & Tangled, they were sooooo happy. After they get home, t…


After picking up the acorns from the park, we tried to classify them into the species. We thought there were five kind of species, and it was a little bit hard to classify...! We'll try to germinate them and hope to see the roots & sprouts🌱


There were some plum blossoms in the park. It was a warm day, but still the beginning of the year! We enjoyed the flowers and picking up the acorns. My elder daughter tried to smell them, but they were too high🌸