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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.

Entries from 2023-08-01 to 1 month


The summer festival has held! My daughters pulled the festival float with many children. That was very hot day, but we enjoyed the event. That was the first time for both our daughters, so they were surprised & enjoyed it.


We visited Utsunomiya city, and ate a lot of dumplings (Gyoza)!!!!!!! My daughters like the character "Kenta" who is the mascot of this franchise restaurant. One of my dreams was visit Utsunomiya and eat Utsunomiya dumplings, so my dream c…


We visited "Utsunomiya" city, and enjoyed a small boat on the small river. My daughters tried to feed the carp that live in the river. Sometimes, ducks came and ate the fish food I like this hat style, "Kasa" in Japanese. It was cooler tha…


We visited the Service Area in Saitama prefecture, "Hanyu Service Area". It was the first time to visit there for us, and we didn't know that there was like "Edo" era. The restaurants and shops were also arranged as "Edo" era. We enjoyed t…


This sign says "If you have trouble with money, please rub this tree.", so my elder daughter rubbed it again and again. We have started to "reward for chores" from this summer, and she has only 60-yen for now! She wants more money!!!


We went to a farm, and our children experienced milking the cow! It was the first time for them, and they were scared of the cow at first. Finally, they could milking the cow and said, "That was extremely fun!!"


We went to the botanical garden in Tochigi prefecture. There a "carnivorous plants exhibition" was held! We enjoyed watching them, feeling them with the fake big toy, and smelling them! We found some large bugs were in the plant...🪰


We went camping this weekend. See!! We caught this small beetle!!! My elder daughter found it and I cover it with the bug net, finally, my husband grabbed it & threw it into the bug cage. My daughters and their cousins sketched it at night…


My daughters are addicted to this video, "Octonauts". One of the characters often says "Shiver me whiskers!". My elder daughter asked me the meaning of this word, but I didn't know. (actually, I didn't hear and watch the video with my daug…


I made these sweets with my daughters. Since we had a lot of oats, we should consume it! So, we mixed it with mill & yogurt, and decorated it with berry source and frozen berries!!! We have to leave them one night, so we'll eat them today🥰


We gathered these forest gifts. With the chestnuts, it seems like autumn had come! But, yes, still here is super hot...🥵 We plan to go camping on this weekend, so we are packing now. My daughters also very excited to prepare their own backp…


We went to the nearest small forest. It takes 15 minutes to get there👍 We enjoyed the cool air of the forest, and see & catch bugs. My husband and elder daughter caught two butterflies, and we brought them home. My daughters draw and release…


We went to the Night Zoo event. We enjoyed the night zoo, animals, and stall food There were 5 quizzes related to animals. My elder daughter tried to solve them. They are a little bit difficult, but we already learned about them at the zoo…


My husband bought this fantastic raw tuna at his favorite supermarket. There was a tuna cutting show there, and he saw it. But at the first show, he missed the "Sashi" part which has fat and juicy part, so he tried to wait for the second s…


This picture was 4 years ago. We went to the local summer festival then. Yesterday, the same festival was held for the first time in four years! We enjoyed it with family friends. My younger daughter was just born in 4y ago, but she is now…


We tried "baked banana" last weekend. First, peel one strand of banana. Wrap it with aluminum foil, and just bake it in the toaster. It takes only 5min. With children, we took only 10 min. Very easy cooking But, they thought they "cooked"!…


I know that I upload tooooooo many cicada's photo & article, but it's the summer!!😎 Look at this tree! This is the mother tree for cicadas (or bed?). Under this tree, there are also many cicada shells maybe that had been fallen from the lea…


My younger daughter made this fireworks at her nursery, yesterday. Since there was a big festival with huge fireworks this Monday, the nursery kids all saw or heard the fireworks☺️🎆 Everyone mafe it very beaitiful! Well done🙌


I have made this purse for my elder daughter! She starts her chores in the middle of July, watering the plants every morning. She got also the first reward for this chore inside the purse. She said she'll buy some snack with the money🥰