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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.

Entries from 2024-03-01 to 1 month


Past one year, we were struggling with my 1st year elementary school daughter's English keeping activity. Recently, she goes to the International school (9:00-15:00) only on holiday season, for 3~5days, and it seems good for her. After the…


We didn't know that TDL (Tokyo Disney Land) was the 40th anniversary, and it will end this month. By coincidence, we went to TDL on the 30th anniversary (with my husband), and the 35th anniversary (with all of our family). We felt some kin…


At last! We enjoyed the Tokyo Disney Land!!!!!! They were dressed in their favorite princesses, (but not Frozen characters this time), and enjoyed the world of Disney. They rode 4~5 attractions and saw some shows and parades. It was a fant…


We stayed at a partner hotel of Disney Resort, and there were a lot of fun gimmicks for children! They enjoyed their room and exploring the hotel floors. They especially liked the "Key" gimmick and "Mirror" gimmick. That would have been a …


My 7yo daughter and I attended the #DWE graduation ceremony at Hotel Miracosta which is in the Tokyo Disney Resort! Some World Family teachers celebrated the graduated students, and every attended student was given the diploma from teacher…


My 4yo daughter is trying SBS (Step By Step on #DWE program)4. She usually enjoys doing SBS, especially moving her body activities. It's soooooo cute🥰 I feel happiness whenever she is doing it.


My husband bought eels for our dinner at the supermarket! It's very rare for us to buy eels by ourselves, and he said "It's once a year!!". They were very soft and fluffy😋 Of course, my daughters also love them, so they fought for the bigger…


They are very excited about going to Tokyo Disney Land!!!!! They tried their princess dresses and decided which dress to wear. Because we'll ride some coasters, our Tinkerbell gave up to wear her fairy wings🤭


Because 3.14 was White Day & our 10th marriage anniversary, my husband bought super delicious raw fish at the supermarket & made this gorgeous lunch plates!! The fishes are yellow-tail & medium-fatty tuna But the total cost was cheeper tha…


Since we are planning to go to Tokyo Disney Land end of this month, my elder daughter is studying and planning about TDL trip! There are sooooo many labels on the guidebook😁 She is looking forward to going there!


We found these strange ball-shaped thing at the park. We played rolling with us for a while, and I image searched it. ...Is it... truffle!?!?!? It seemed very similar to a truffle!!! After a while, my elder daughter noticed that some parts…


I prepared these "seasoned and freeze" meat last weekend. I like to google and think about which seasoning is better for freeze and my daughters like. Since we have no time to cook dinner especially weekdays, these kind of meat is very hel…


The acorns at our house. Some of them began to sprout! We thought the main sprouted acorns are "tsubura-jii" (Castanopsis cuspidata), which classified by my elder daughter. 3~4 of them are sprouting🌱 We are looking forward to grow them❤️


At the park, my daughters practiced brave board and bicycle as usual. But this time, we tried to the other course and found it was a off road and like a small hiking! We enjoyed the scenery, air, and atmosphere. It was such a good sunny da…


At the large park, there was a beautiful green and blue colored bird pecking the cherry blossoms! My daughters were angry at first, but soon tried to gather the fallen flowers🤭 They gathered a plastic bag full of flowers, and bird had flew …


Here is our packed lunch for last weekend! We went to the large park, and enjoyed outdoor lunch. I like to make rice balls, and my daughters like to eat stick vegetables like carrots and cucumbers. ...Oh, where is the meat?


My husband bought this red stark spinaches at the supermarket. It was very good, and seemed to have full of nutritions. Fortunately, my daughters like these kind of vegetables such as just baked mushrooms, so we often eat such a healthy di…


At the zoo, they were trying to sketch giraffes and zebras. Since we go to the zoo sooooooo many times, we have a lot of time to spend for other activities than seeing many animals. Almost the half of our outdoor event is going to the zoo🤭


This is "Kawazu-zakura", which blooms earlier than other species of cherry blossoms. We found a several tree at the park, and enjoyed their blossoms. I'm looking forward to having lunch under the full bloomed cherry blossoms🌸🌸🌸🌸


They are watching the small birds gathering at the cherry blossom. Maybe the bird was... Japanese White-eye, which has beautiful green back. Some adults tried to take the photo of them, so my daughters behaved as quiet as they could🤫


They are enjoying pretending "making campfire". They gathered the sticks, and try to make fire. Of course, the bigger sticks (or branches) are the better I thought that until when (especially my elder daughter) they enjoy playing such outd…


I'm trying to tidy up my daughters' baby cloths. I searched a good way to stock kids' cloths, and found the way using Comic stock bag & Soft cloth box sold at 100-yen shop. It's super pleasure to welcome a new baby to our house, and prepar…


And, this is today's snack "Hishi-mochi", the traditional snack for girl's day. My elder daughter ask me the meaning of this food (because she knows these kind of celebration food has usually meaning), and I googled. The meaning was "Poste…


Today's dinner! Because tomorrow is the girl's day (Hina-Matsuri) in Japan, my husband cooked the simple celebration dish. Scattered sushi with raw fishes, Japanese style clear soup, and canola flower in broth😋


I bought these hair ties at 100-yen shop. They are so pretty❤️ Sometimes, (oh, maybe quite often), I go to 100-yen shop and enjoy searching the "good" things to buy. It's a kind of my hobbies, or getting rid of my stress👍


My husband's dish of last weekend. He is very good at making quiche or lasagna. I never thought of making them🤭 It's nice that we both cook daily, because we can eat many kind of dishes👍


Hooray!!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Finally, one of the acorns which we picked up in January has germinated!!!!✨✨✨✨✨✨ I hope it grows fine, and become a healthy plant. Anyway, we don't sure the sort of this plant...🤭


They are trying 300 pieces puzzle. It's the first time for them to try the puzzle with so many piece, my daughters almost gave up several times. But with my husband's help, they complete it finally🙌 Now, we display it on the wall for memori…


Yesterday, we went to a sports event, held at the sports center! It was a rainy day, so some of the programs (like rock climb) were canceled, but we enjoyed the gymnastics, yoga, and ballet programs! Since my daughters knew about yoga and …