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Today's lunch! I made it. Total cost is only $1.5 for 1 people at the highest. I made almost same menu as Tully's pasta ($8 for 1 people), but the volume is double, and less salt. My daughter eat it in silence, and say "More, please!!" ht…


Wild azaleas. Not trimmed, growing freely :-O https://t.co/48YjwhU8DN 26 April 2019 09:42


I went to Children's medical center to check my fetus (fetus means a baby before birth). There were many babies and kids After the check, my husband and I ate lunch at the center's caffe. He said "I can cook this much cheaper!". Apart from…


Everyday, every morning, I find dandelion fluff on the way to work. I want to show them my daughter, and she must say "Wow!! Nice! I like it!". Yesterday, I found this overcrowded fluff. I want to show this my daughter, and she must say "W…


Today's lunch is pasta with spinach and baby scallops. Yesterday, I also make same one ;) It can be cooked in 15min♥ Though I just finished to eat this, I'm already hungry now... https://t.co/Zt84TrH6Lp 23 April 2019 13:38


I thought that Sri Lanka is safe country... And want to visit someday. TV news says 1 Japanese died in this bomb. I'm so sorry to hear about this. https://t.co/SQoq6pKr8c 22 April 2019 09:53


Today is Easter day. In Japan, many super market sell "Easter Snacks", and few people hold home party (and just eat snacks). Some school has workshop for painting eggs, but no lecture for Easter. There is few Religious here. But I think th…


Yesterday was my last work day before birth. Since my colleagues know that I love sweets, they gave me "Anko Paste", which like peanut butter, but Anko instead of peanut. I can't wait eat it😋😋😋😋 https://t.co/yoZeQD7saU 20 April 2019 06:42


Today, the Coffee maker "NESCAFE" will come our home☕️!!!!! I'm very very exited to have this machine! We try this in "AEON", one of the biggest shopping moll in Japan last weekend. Since I can't drink coffee, I tried Tea Late. It was awes…


I missed spell....! Cooked is correct (∩ω∩) Thx Anna! * Boiled Broccoli (Stick Senor) * Dried Sakura Shrimp * Mayonnaise & Soy Source Just only mix them! Yum yum... https://t.co/NSml7wfaGc 17 April 2019 05:45


We glow Broccoli in our narrow field. The kind of this broccoli is "Stick Senor". It glows selfishly, so we don't care so much, but we can harvest such amount of them every week We can't pick all of them, so many flowers are blooming...But…


My husband and l also love this tag We can watch this tag all day!!! https://t.co/9OWKLhpGcT 14 April 2019 18:36 We went to Kamakura to camp! There's many flowers on the road. Spring camp is little cold, but flowers are so beautiful✨ My da…


We were at shopping mall, and my daughter presented this balloon-art of ANPANMAN!! It can be put on arm. Cool! 👍 https://t.co/kcHerMHsyx 13 April 2019 11:43


I feel cold and have little fever since last night. The fever is not so high, but I get a day off work today. Is it cold? or hay fever...?? Anyway, I want to go camp tomorrow, so I try to sleep all day and will get better! 12 April 2019 10…


Recently, we often eat Strawberry & Yogurt in the evening. I heard that eating Yogurt in the evening is good for "hay fever". I'm heavy hay fever guy... I also hear the best season of strawberry is January in Japan. We can eat sweetest one…


Spring of my daily experiences. This pink flower's name is "Azalea", in Japanese, "Tsutsuji". I learn this english name now. There's many place or shop name of "Azalea", but I didn't know what it means. I used to suck nectar from Azalea in…


Tomorrow, It could be snow in Tokyo. Last April of "Shouwa" era year, it also snowed and dumped 3.5 inches of snow in Tokyo. How romantic! (But it won't dump tomorrow :p) 平成最後の4月 10日は関東地方に雨雲がかかり東京都内で雪の可能性も #ld…


My daughter is 2 year and half now. And we will have new baby in June So I want to give my daughter something. I think this "Kids Camera" is good for har, and want to take many pics of baby! But isn't it too early? Can she use this? https:…


My daughter (and I think most toddler) loves dandelion First, she try to blow dandelion fluff, but soon change way to knock it by hand...! Her most favorite part of dandelion is blowed stalk. So always she pick up stalk after knock all flu…


Yesterday, I went to "Lava Stone Plate" Yakiniku restaurant with my colleagues It was sooooooo yummy Since I'm pregnant now, it's not good to eat rear meat. So I bake meal well. Next time, I'll eat them with medium rare https://t.co/9a4Rnx…


3 colors Cherry blossom!! White, pink, and red. All colors of flower are on same tree. It's so beautiful. I want to try take more good picture, but I had just only Smart phone... https://t.co/YIpKObSkBY 05 April 2019 08:26 I found it at 7-…


If we will live in Washington D.C, I hope to go the place in this list. Let's keep this article. The cherry blossom season seem to be same as Kanto, Japan. https://t.co/vl6sNVBgBV 04 April 2019 08:31


Yesterday, I fond some Dandelion. I feel that I find more often "White" dandelion than last year. Actually, this white one blooming where "Yellow" dandelions bloomed last year. I don't know why... https://t.co/UpjKFeUz82 03 April 2019 08:26


In five minutes, new era will be announced! 👀 I keep watching TV 📺 01 April 2019 11:25 New ear is "令和"!! 01 April 2019 11:42