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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


There is still on Christmas! Since it seems no culture for new year's decorations in the UK, we can see many Christmas decorations in the city yet. I ordered the chai latte and read the book BFG for a while. To tell the truth, I fell asleep for short time sometimes. https://t.co/rTj5Wm6seB

14 January 2022 14:07

I want to go to there!!!! I love morocco!!!! The hotel is at the Ouarzazate, which near from the desert. My husband and I went there about 7 years ago. The hotel looks clean, safe, gorgeous, and the food looks sooooo nice! Needless to day, the location and its view is marvelous! https://t.co/L1GBY0HfpH

14 January 2022 19:35