* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


My 5y daughter is addicted to this book. I bought it about one month ago for 50p. At that time, I thought it's enough that we read only once because I never imagined this book is interesting (sorry). But she is learning to read the words at her school, so she is enjoying reading. https://t.co/MoZQOrJ4bC

25 November 2021 14:54

She wrote the alphabet "d". She said "I wrote the ABCs!" (in Japanese, 「えーびーちー、かいたのー!」) https://t.co/0TPivcgji8

25 November 2021 14:55

安かったからという理由だけで買ってみたこの単語の絵本(中古)、長女がいま学校でちょうどやっている内容とフィットしたらしく、暇があれば読んでる。なんと楽しいらしい。 どの本がヒットするかわからないもんだと言うのを実感したので、これからもちょいちょい適当に買っておこう。

25 November 2021 14:58