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長女、3歳ちょい前からDWE(DisneyWorldEnglish)のお試しDVDを見始め、3歳から教材購入。ゆるーく続けてたけど昨日、TE(先生と電話)をクリアし、BlueCap🧢合格🙌!4歳前にBlueCapもらえると思わなかったなぁ…! しかもTEの先生、ルナ先生で私のテンションも爆上がり⤴️本人もめっちゃ喜んでる☺️ #dwe

08 July 2020 05:08

My elder daughter passed the Disney World English's second exam. I didn't image that she can pass before 4y. She started DWE a little before 3y. It's about one year since then. I'm also watching & hearing DWE videos, but my English haven't improve at all😂 Why!!??

08 July 2020 05:08