* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Recently, the max temperature is nearing 30 degrees in our area. So my 3y daughter and her friends began to play with water gun👍 I bought these last summer, but she didn't play with friends last year, bcz she was too little. I'm very happy to see that she plays with her friends! https://t.co/jTqsdoWdgr

29 May 2020 06:21

These water guns are sold at 3 COINS. But price is 500-yen each. I'll try to buy another ones also this year. Because, the model is changed every year, and all of them are cute💕

29 May 2020 06:21

Yesterday, I found 3 little spider in our house. Usually, my husband says "Don't catch or kill them", because they eat other bugs. But I want to release them out of house...🕷 Fortunately, our neighbor boy has a lizard, and looking for its feed. I caught all and gave them to him!

29 May 2020 06:30

3 little bug"s"

29 May 2020 06:49

I received an announcement from my daughter's nursery. It says that children over the age of 3 have to bring & wear a mask at nursery. I'll make another 3 or 4 masks for my daughter and name them. I can't help imaging children are playing with mask and laughing...😂

29 May 2020 16:17

3歳娘、DWE9ヶ月。最近は英語の歌が大ブーム。DWE教材だけでなく、パプリカの英語やEテレのOrtonの歌、YouTubeで見てるMinnie’s Bowtiqueの歌などなど、何でも歌いたがる。 チャンスと思ってCAPを進めているけど、BlueCapからは最後にTEで先生と会話しないといけないのね…。ハードル高かった💦 #DWE

29 May 2020 23:24