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PepperPig!🐷 We knew it before moving to the UK because my nieces who lived in Sweden liked it. But haven't not so much interest in it. However, once my daughters watched the anime on TV, they are addicted to it. My eldest daughter begged my husband to buy it😂 https://t.co/3pI3oFoAUU

10 August 2021 14:19

I think Pepper pig is like Anpanman for Japanese infants. So it's too babyish for 4y~5y children. But My 4y daughter's level of English is around there, so she likes it. My daughters sing its opening song everyday🥰

10 August 2021 14:19

ペッパーピッグ、日本で知ったときは全然興味が湧かず、子供も「ふーん」程度だったのだけど、こっちに来て頻繁にアニメを見るようになってからドハマリ。 英語圏のアンパンマンみたいな感じなのかな?本やグッズも沢山出てておねだりが激しい😂

10 August 2021 14:25