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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


As I retweeted, I made Japanese girl's day's dolls (おひなさま) yesterday. My 4y daughter also created dolls with ping-pong balls. First, she made left ones and find that it's very difficult to draw on a ball. Then, she made the right ones more carefully. She's progressing...! https://t.co/OUyc9J1C8I https://t.co/tPGDxRsfQG

01 March 2021 06:22

She made the first ones with "paper egg stands" which she found on an Origami book. After that I made ones, and she wanted to use cloth. So, I prepare cloth for her, and she made the bodies of them by herself. My husband helped to attach their head to their body with bond.

01 March 2021 06:27