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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


I bought "STRIDER" last year for 2y(at that time) daughter. And now, she says she wants "The same one" as her friend. That is a bike with pedals. Then, I looked for the one on Mercari, and bought one with half price... But the bike has no pedal... I mistaked... https://t.co/HNbloE4YWZ

24 February 2020 09:22

Now, I bought another one also on Mercari. Which has pedals! But... look those. There's 4 bikes for kids in my house. wow! I think I bought 3rd and 4th bike in low price (half price than usual), but how can we store them😂

24 February 2020 09:22

Hmm, I want to hang out washes outside! It's very very nice sunny☀️ day! BUT, HOWEVER, there's incredible amount of pollens outside, I guess🤧. So, regardless of how sunny the day is, I dry our washes in the bathroom with dry mode🛀

24 February 2020 13:29