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The concert I'd mentioned is coming close! It'll be held at 5th Jan. @ Tokyo If you have time to come and interested in this, please tell me at comment or DM.I can prepare and give ticket for you😉 https://t.co/VWGzzpdwWQ

23 December 2019 09:12

  • Berlioz / Symphonie fantastique
  • R.Strauss / Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche
  • Smetana / Moldau

This program may be has theme of "Hanging" or " Beheading". Berlioz expressed it at 4th mov, and Till die by hanging at last. Please google if you interested in!

23 December 2019 09:12

I already finished to post New Year Greeting Card last week. But today, I"ll post Christmas card to SWEDEN! I believe that it'll arrive next week😂Santa will have already gone...

23 December 2019 10:24