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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


It's yesterday's product of my 6yo daughter! She wanted to make a shop, and she did it almost by herself. I helped her cut the window part with a box cutter, but she cut other parts with scissors by herself. The thin cardboards are for fix the table. It's her idea. Well done!👏 https://t.co/cU34IdkyW4

19 March 2023 06:44

うちは幅がオーダーメイドできる書斎家具屋さんの丈夫な本棚を買いました!棚板も絵本の高さに合わせて設置できます👍ここに詰めるだけ詰めて、今まで使っていた表紙見せ本棚は季節によって入れ替えたりして使っています(2枚目)。 溢れた本は家の各所に散らばってます😅 https://t.co/TQvih66ARG https://t.co/tdhydxfJf7 https://t.co/XlbWduWCow

19 March 2023 07:21