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Here comes Black Friday!! We hadn't familiar with this day decades ago, but these days, it becomes very popular among the Japanese. Here are the GODIVA chocolate packages sold for ¥2,000. I can't find if it's cheap or not🤪 BTW, I bought some toys on Amazon for the BF sale..💸 https://t.co/85N3WZvGNo

26 November 2022 06:35

ブラックフライデーセールのついでに(安くはなってないけどポイントアップの条件に入れられる)、これを買っちゃうかどうかめちゃめちゃ悩んでいます…!!! https://t.co/Vwy0ianBqC

26 November 2022 15:22


26 November 2022 16:08