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日本からの荷物がイギリスに送れない話、ここに載ってるのね。郵送経路途絶のため🥲 イギリスから日本に手紙を出すのはまだセーフかな?念の為写真撮ってから送ろう。 https://t.co/8U6CIKSqGo

10 March 2022 02:29

As I stated, I went to Waitrose for the first time. And found these marvelous raw fishes are sold!! The point of sale was very clean and smells not bad. It's very rare in the UK (at least as far as I know). I wanted to buy some fresh fish, but they were a little bit expensive🤑 https://t.co/Hslv2YHI82

10 March 2022 14:33