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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Yesterday was "ひな祭り🎎" which is the Girls' Festival in Japan. We made the SUSHI rice topped with assorted ingredients, which we usually eat on this day. Because it's difficult to get safe and reasonable raw fish, we used smoked salmon for the topping. That was great👍 https://t.co/PVFxeJYLJf

04 March 2022 14:42

Our daughters' #WorldBookDay 📖 I heard about Twitter from my daughter's classmate's father and found this hashtag. As I guessed, many of the girls were in princess costumes, but my daughter didn't mind it and liked her costume. I saw many costumed students and felt happy😊 https://t.co/uIszg2ltQ1

04 March 2022 18:29