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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.

How a bird can fly?

We went to the Devil's Dyke, which takes only 20 minutes on bus from Brighton. It was a very nice sunny day, but the wind was marvelously strong.
We walk through the trail path, and there was only huge lawn there. Sometimes, we saw horses, cows, sheep, and birds.

Because of the strong wind, my 2y daughter wouldn't walk. So she spent almost all of the time in her father's arm. And 5y/o daughter hold my hand tight not to blown away at first.

But she realized that she can walk by herself, and tried to fly as a bird by running and jumping in the strong wind.
She said several times "I feel floating!", but as you know, she couldn't fly, even float so long time.

On the bus to home, she asked us "How can I get fly?, Why the birds can fly?", and we said, "Guess why".
She thought and said, "I know one reason. Because the bird's bones are hollow and light." That's what we told her in the past😊 "And?" "And, I guess, WING is important." "That's right. You should have a set of wings. And more, you should train your breast to move your wing strongly and for long time." "Oh..."
After a short while, she said again. "How about stick feathers to my arms?" I said "It's not bad idea.", and she fell asleep.

I recalled the story and song of "Icarus". I introduce this story to my daughter someday.
And, also introduce her the way to fly like gliders or sky diving and Japan International Birdman Rally someday.