* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Because it was a rare sunny day, we went to Devil's Dyke which has a deep dry valley. As you see, the view was so beautiful and the weather was also nice as the forecast, but the wind was marvelously strong🌬 My 5y/o daughter tried to fly by jumping up in the strong wind😁 https://t.co/0yhvUrjcpb

27 February 2022 13:42

On the return bus, she asked us "How can I get fly?, Why the birds can fly?", and we said, "Guess why". She thought and said, "I know one reason. Because the bird's bones are hollow and light." That's what we told her in the past😊 "And?" "And, WING is important." That's right.

27 February 2022 13:47

140字に限界があったので、初めて英語で長めの日記を書いてみた。 https://t.co/ilWmr499Gd

27 February 2022 14:12