* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


We ate instant ramen for the lunch. That was sooooo delicious!! I put the chicken breast for the topping, and it was also the best match. Of course, we ate another vegetable plate for this lunch🥦 Vegetables are important for our health and for defeating COVID19. https://t.co/c8OYzx5dL8

22 January 2022 14:06

I finished reading this book, THE BFG! I recommended this book from the book shop owner, charity shop clerks, and Twitter followers!! ;) We can buy this book from Amazon Japan. How convenient for English learners in Japan! https://t.co/0F89C6IQcT https://t.co/h1iLbh7R7p

22 January 2022 15:55