* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


The pasta of brussels sprouts! I found the brussels sprouts at the supermarket and it's not so expensive, so I bought and cooked this pasta. My husband said that he doesn't like brussels sprouts, but this dish was yummy😋 I guess he ate the rotting one before. I'll buy it again! https://t.co/OcFEpVkJVM

19 September 2021 13:23


19 September 2021 13:25

Fron second daughter's dress. "Perfect Match"!! 次女のワンピースの柄と完全に一致。 https://t.co/K4X5VErVCM https://t.co/fjy0EVjJo5

19 September 2021 13:26