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If the coronavirus had not existed, we might be living in the US today. So, yesterday's US news was unbelievable for me... Please be safe.

08 January 2021 05:56

And the next big news is, the state of emergency is issued. I'm paying attention to it, because the nursery will be closed or not is very important for us. https://t.co/1rIPMtQQnD

08 January 2021 05:56

I cooked "七草粥" (rice gruel containing the seven plants of spring). We eat it on the 7th of January every year. I heard that is because we eat a lot of feast while NewYear's holiday, so we should rest our stomach. We pray for good health and well-being for a year. with this. https://t.co/z2MlPCcSHv

08 January 2021 06:04