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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


I made this cloth eco-bag for the alternative of plastic bags. Because the shops had no longer offer plastic bags for free after shopping since this July. So, we have to bring ourself bag since then. I made this by ¥100 cloth😉 https://t.co/xUty91B2hX

19 August 2020 06:02

My husband is working on reducing plastic garbage, but he often forgets to bring one. And I suggest that I'll make another one for him, but he refused because he already has many eco-bags in the workplace. But I think it's useless if he doesn't carry every day every time😕

19 August 2020 06:02

And more, he tends to refuse to buy plastic bags (for the global environment). So he often holds products in his hands. Sometimes, it's very funny because he bought so many products, but he tried to bring them in his hands...🤣 Last weekend, he held frozen foods in his hands🤣

19 August 2020 06:06