* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Finally, I went to my hair-cut! I cut almost 10cm, and become short-bob style. How light and refreshing! And, I bought an eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil. It's first time to buy them for me😂 I know that it's very hard to keep this hairstyle and makeup everyday... But, I will!💪

14 June 2020 10:47

From tomorrow, my 3y daughter will go to nursery. And 1y daughter will go nursery from July (if she can entry). So, our home care term is almost end🙌 During this 3 months, my daughters watch a lot of DWE videos, and WFC videos. #DWE (↓日本語続く)

14 June 2020 16:12

YouTubeもとてもお世話になった。 長女は"Minnie's Boutique"(ミニーのブティック)、次女には"Super Simple Songs"が気に入ったようで、特に長女はドハマリ。DWEはちょっと止まっちゃったけど、急に"Good Idea!"とミニーの真似をしだすなど、フランクな英語を覚えるにはめっちゃ効果が高そう。 #DWE

14 June 2020 16:12

親も知らな言いまわしや、意味はわかるけど使ったこと無い言葉がよく出てきて、自分の勉強にもなってる。好きこそものの上手なれ、というけど、英語アニメにハマってくれてある意味良かった。このブーム中にたくさん見てもらって吸収してもらおう。 ちなみに話自体はドタバタ劇で普通に面白い。

14 June 2020 16:12