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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


!! SORRY FOR BUG PIC !! Yesterday, I took a walk to the small forest nearby with my daughters. There were already 3 brothers (maybe 8y, 4y, 2y) playing, and the eldest boy found this big caterpillar😱 (almost 4 inches) My 3y daughter was scared, but want to see it a long time. https://t.co/ptpgdrA726

22 May 2020 06:39

I and their mother googled this caterpillar, and concluded this is a kind of moth. And may be this hair has poison, so she tried hard to stop her kids from touch it. (It was really hard...) To tell the truth, I no longer want to search and see for caterpillar pic...😩

22 May 2020 06:39

And 3 brothers were really cute...😍 They all wore same Jacket.

22 May 2020 06:44