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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


We found this flower is blooming in the Library near our house. This flower smells very nice, like Jasmine. My 3y daughter loves this flower. I googled this flower's name. It's "Lonicera periclymenum". In Japanese, "においにんどう (匂い忍冬)". A kind of honeysuckle (すいかずら). https://t.co/C2WEPDbrZA

20 May 2020 06:58

Everyday, we take walk along the library. And pick up some this flower. (It seems as wildflower.) My 3y daughter always says "I'll give them to Daddy! It's smells soooo good!". How cute!😍 (He is working at home now.) 「お父さんにプレゼントしよっか」 「におってごらん」(to Dad)

20 May 2020 07:04