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It's so much talked about that our prime minister said "We will distribute 2 cloth masks to each household", yesterday. Despite of there's another useful financial measures, the word's impact was so huge that many people are criticizing this idea.

02 April 2020 10:10

To tell the truth, I already made some cloth masks for our family and parents with my favorite cloth. So we don't need cloth masks any more. And, the people who line to the drag store before the store opens everyday, are won't stop to line and buying up surgical masks...

02 April 2020 10:10

These are henbit (lamium amplexicaule). We meet this flower often in this spring. May be, we met every spring, but just didn't notice. In Japanese, this flower is called "ほとけのざ". This is named after that the leaf looks like a pedestal (だいざ) of Buddha (ほとけ). https://t.co/GKazjlLpsw

02 April 2020 10:30