* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Last weekend, we met friends at Osaki. The "漬物市" was held there. We were surprised at the exhibition, and said "Why these radishes are hanged🤔??". There were some other exhibitions, and they were completely out of the world!. https://t.co/0C6S9EzHkJ

19 February 2020 09:23

We have started to find the house(room) in Singapore. We are surprising at the price of Singapore rent wow! It's more than double price as much as Japan...!!!! And also, nursery's cost is very high...💸 We have to discuss & choose carefully which area to live.

19 February 2020 09:34

シンガポールの賃貸を探し始めました。まだ渡星の時期が決まっていないので探してるだけの段階ですが、賃料高い!!高いよー!!!保育園も一人10万は下らなさそうなので、行けるか怪しい…。行かせてあげたい…。 交通費も住宅補助も出ないので、住むエリアを慎重に選ばねば破産するで。

19 February 2020 09:38