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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Finally, I wrote an article of this... (in Japanese). There's still no mask in drug store...

100均ガーゼフェイスタオルで 布マスクを作ってみた - 向上心の足跡 https://t.co/FKrgMq3JzK https://t.co/5sHCcdNXVO

12 February 2020 11:47

Yesterday's dinner. My husband cooked all of them💖 * Tofu with soft scrambled eggs (Tamagotoji). * Pumpkin soup with baked cheese * Chicken fillet with salted plum and Komatsuna * Fried cabbage * Rice * Miso-soup

Oh, I looked up many words for this menu... https://t.co/blhG0gXLvl

12 February 2020 11:55