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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


We hiked in Kita-Kamakura's "Rokkokukenzan" hiking corse today! There was a sign stump that says "Couples of Cherry Blossoms". But we couldn't find any trees. Were they cut? ...We don't know the truth, but we think the new baby trees which planted beside the sign are those. https://t.co/DQWHnjHTev

02 February 2020 16:44

I noticed that Yokohama's taxies are with a sticker, says "¥500". I asked the driver, and he said "From 1st Fev., the base fare became 1.2km=¥500!". Oh, I completely didn't know that!! And more, it's discount for less than 2km ride, but it's price hike for more than 2km ride.

02 February 2020 17:04