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When I taught my daughter that "Micky is a Mouse!", she became angry. "Micky is not a mouse! Micky is Micky!!!" So, we, parents were wrong... sorry... By the way, Donald & Daisy & Huey, Dewey and Louie are duck. I think also "Gus" is duck, too. Because he is Donald's cousin. #DWE

23 January 2020 09:20

Oh, I find this page (in Japanese)! It shows detail Donald's pedigree. According this, Gus is Goose! and, his full name is "Gus Goose"! Surprise! #DWE

And more, according to this page, Donald's full name is "Donald Fauntleroy Duck"! Wow! I completely didn't know that!

23 January 2020 09:20

Clarabelle is a cow, I guess. But how about Goofy? Hmm, I'm searching, and get the answer. He is a dog! My daughter declared that Chip & Dale are mouse. We, parents think that they are squirrel... They have cute stripe on the back... #DWE

23 January 2020 09:23

Now, I got the full name of these characters. Goofy is Goofy Goof, and Clarabelle is Clarabelle Cow! It reveals what animal are they.
Oh, I back to the first. Micky's name is Micky Mouse! Micky, Mouse!! (I don't say anything more...) #DWE

23 January 2020 09:23

No url... https://t.co/DNYYv0fhAv

23 January 2020 09:36