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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


This is a laundromat built near my house recently. There is a shoes laundry & dryer! I looked for this kind of laundromat🙌 It costs only ¥200 for washing, and ¥100 to dry. I'll bring my daughter's and husband's shoes there today👟 https://t.co/w6PUNgjqMp

16 January 2020 08:38

I started "Shadowing" about 1 week ago. 30min ~ 1hour par day. I feel that after shadowing, I tend to think in English, and talk myself in faster English. That's amazing! For now, it's the best way to study English for me. But for TOEIC test, I should learn words & grammar more.

16 January 2020 10:51