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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Last Friday, my elder daughter's nursery school had "Summer Festival" event. Kindergartens made these Object called "Dashi (山車)" or "Mikoshi (神輿)". 2y class's Dashi was painted by specters, because they are being crazy about specters👻 https://t.co/Ocp1LV8Lkm

10 September 2019 09:08

Yay!!🙌 But it's easy version. I'll challenge advanced version💪 ... After pick-up from a nursery school, dinner, taking bath, and so on... [英語力測定テスト2019(基礎編)]あなたの得点は150点/150点、順位は1位/177702人中です。 https://t.co/f6y5W3UsqG #eigoryoku

10 September 2019 15:39