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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Last week, I went MinatoMirai-Bon-Odori at Yokohama. Bon-Odori is a Festival that people dance with music and Japanese drum. Usually, it would be held in the evening because daytime is very hot in summer. And I like colorful illumination of "Cho-chin" that means paper lantern. https://t.co/fk5TsDnegt

20 August 2019 09:09

Oh, it's important that many people wear "Yukata" which is Japanese traditional cloth. Yukata is little casual than "Kimono", and more casual one is "Jinbei". I saw some young women wear Jinbei. I thought Jinbei is for kids or men. Is it trend that women wear Jinbei recent years? https://t.co/OhE8HEvp4u

20 August 2019 09:09