* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


Day 1: I have accepted a #challenge from @nonnonhope_eng to post the cover of 7 books I love, 1 book per day for 7 days. No explanations, reviews, just covers. Each day, I will ask a friend to take the challenge. Let’s #promote_reading! Today, I nominate @ayumi99207041 https://t.co/YLja55uI9k

31 July 2019 05:35

@nonnonhope_eng @ayumi99207041 But I do this challenge just first day😉

31 July 2019 05:37

Yesterday evening, our neighborhood families were on the road in front of their houses. And kids were watching something enthusiastically. My daughter and I also join the circle, and find many Beetles! One of boys caught them with his father, and giving them to his friends😊

31 July 2019 05:51

Of cause, my daughter can't touch beetles😁 But she was stair at them for long time👀. Other elder kids were very excited to touch them. Their mothers, fathers, and I told about how to keep them or what is the best food🍉🍌. It was very summery time☀

31 July 2019 05:51