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Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


There were great points in each country, but I…

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30 July 2019 02:20

It's my first time to answer the questionbox. It was little difficult for me to post twitter as excepted😅

30 July 2019 02:27

I'm researching about asset management recently. There are so many type of asset management, and I have to spend much time to study...💰 There are some way to start from zero assets, like real estate management🏠. Since we have few cache now, these are suitable for us... may be.

30 July 2019 08:56

It is!! "ヒガシニホントカゲ" "Plestiodon finitimus" is the lezard's name! https://t.co/Kd2FxA7Jqb

30 July 2019 12:00

I heard this news just now. This news and my follower say that the Garlic festival is major one, and many children participate this festival. Since we'll live US next year (may be) with our children, this news made me very scared. I re-recognized that US is a gun society😱 https://t.co/LvTjIUj3lX

30 July 2019 12:10