* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


The first half of the GW holidays, we went on the BBQ with our family friends. Luckily, there was a "s'more cookie" making event! Our children tried to bake the marshmallows and insert them and chocolate between the cookies😋


I made these chest pads for my breastfeeding. The front sides are made of new small cloth that I bought, and the back sides are made of old baby clothes that my daughters had worn and tattered. I'm happy to reuse them again Of course, the …


This year, we collected the wildflowers and made the pressed flower again (with my children). It was the first time for my second daughter and she is so a wild girl, that she sometimes caught bugs rather than flowers Each of us made our ow…


I found this coconut at the supermarket! Of course, I bought one and tried it with my family. It was... so... wild taste, not so sweet. But my daughters were having a keen interest in the experience✨ And said "It's the best juice, EVER...!…


I made another 2 "moving pockets" for my younger daughter because she was envious of my elder daughter... I don't know when she will use these, but she wants them. That's all. Anyway, if she uses them carefully, she can use them when she b…


Even on a rainy day, my 4yo daughter is very busy picking up the dropping flowers every day. Maybe they seem to her as a beautiful - lucky - special treasure🤭 In the same walk, she catches roly-polies and slugs by bare hand...😇


I made this "moving pocket" for my elder daughter. She likes to wear dresses on the leggings, but they don't have the pockets. So, she asked me to prepare them. Since I have a lot of cloth and it was easy to make, I was glad to make them! …


These are the wildflowers that my daughters picked up while walking. My husband bought me a small vase for wildflowers, because he knows that I like wild small flowers🥰 And, the small tree is our acorn! There are 5~6 seeds sprouting.


At the forest, we turned over the large log and found maaaaaaaaaaaany roly-polies. My daughters, especially the younger one, are good at picking them with their hands, so they caught maaaaaaaaaaaany roly-polies to their bug case... It was.…


We went on the bug hunting to the nearest small forest last weekend. Look, they were super motivated😁. We couldn't catch the butterflies that my daughters targeted, but found many flowers and ground bugs.


Our neighborhood gave my children this flower They are sooooo beautiful! Especially, my younger daughter likes this kind of flowers, and every day when I pick up her from the nursery, she enjoys hunting dropped flowers. She knows the place…


I made this cover for my elder daughter. This is for an emergency head guard, and the head guard itself is made of fire-resistant material, so I just made the cover that enables it to use as a cushion👍 It was super easy👍


My daughter's school flowers🥰 I was happy to see these and also felt happy to imagine the many students see these flowers every day. (Maybe also many students don't care about them😂)


I made the "Niku-maki" which vegetables rolled in a sliced meat, again! This time, I used carrots and mushrooms (Maitake). The next day was my elder daughter's class observation day, and I found that she wrote her one of her favorite home …


I plan to make the stamps with these flowers' seeds again. I did it in 2020 with my elder daughter! I know the flowers have a slight toxin, so we'll have to be careful to handle these flowers. Anyway, usually the flower is orange, so pink …