* Track of the little sparkles *

Daily log of childcare, cooking, gardening, sewing, and so on.


After picking up the acorns from the park, we tried to classify them into the species. We thought there were five kind of species, and it was a little bit hard to classify...! We'll try to germinate them and hope to see the roots & sprouts🌱


There were some plum blossoms in the park. It was a warm day, but still the beginning of the year! We enjoyed the flowers and picking up the acorns. My elder daughter tried to smell them, but they were too high🌸


Our family's first writing on our aspirations for this year. My elder daughter had 5 aspirations...! "kindness", "happiness", "muscle", "reading", and "be rich"!!!!! (Since we give her monthly money based on her daily chores, she said she …


In New Year Holidays, we usually eat mochi & anko, and usually both of them left over. So, the other traditional (?) foods are "Oshiruko", which we put the mochi into anko-based soup. It's soooo sweet, and needless to say, my daughters lov…


We played with a kite, that is a traditional play in Japan during the New Year holidays. Usually, we hoist the kite high up into the sky, but our daughter loves to run around with short stringed kite🤭 It seems a kind of training.


My elder daughter made this wreath at her international school short program. She said it's a wreath for Christmas, but... I think it's for New Year in Japan😁 So, we arranged it in our house for New Year🎍


As I told in previous post, I made some of Osechi with my daughters. Because I knew that the sweet potato (Kurikinton) and sower veges (Namasu) will soon disappeared into my daughters' tummy, I tried to make them at first, and a lot!!!! It…


My daughters and I did "Kakizome", which means the first time to write with writing brush. Because we used "water" version papers, my 4yo daughter also able to enjoy✌️ My elder daughter is crazy about gymnastics, so she wrote "Gymnastics"🤭


That's our "Ozouni" which we eat during the New Year holidays. Because this year's animal is dragon, so I bought this cute dragon Naruto for Ozouni , Because I'm from Hiroshima, traditionally we use Hamaguri (clam)'s dupe, but I used norma…


We did the "mochi-tsuki", pounding steamed rice to make rice cake in our house. We bought mochi-rice, and steamed it by our normal rice cooker, and pounded and pounded. That was soooooo nice, and relatively easy to eat for even infants.


Since we couldn't return to my daughters' grand parent's home this year, we enjoyed cooking & eat "Osechi", New Year's food in Japan We cooked small fish "Tadukuri", red & white sower vegies "Kouhaku-Namasu", and chestnuts & sweet potato "…


We ate the "New Year's Eve" noodles today. Since my husband can't eat shrimp, I share the last one with my daughters. We planned to return to my husband's hometown, but my elder daughter & husband had flu now. So we celebrate the new year …


We were invited to the neighbor's house for Christmas tea They're from England, and about twice the month, the husband is playing & teaching my daughters in English. At that time, his mother was coming from England, and gave the Christmas …


My elder daughter was making the cookie for Santa! Santa ate the three of them, including the heart shape. Surprisingly, I forgot to mix the sugar... but it was still a little bit salty and sweet😁 I believe it's thanks for using Hotcake mix🤭


Our Christmas dinner! My husband made the mashed potato snow men again, because my elder daughter remembered that and requested⛄️ Of course, my children ate the heads of snow man This year, we bought the party pack, but they are too oily f…